Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stash Bustin'

My stash:

A picture of my sewing/crafting supplies:

It's embarrassing. I know.

My defense (my husband is a public defense attorney...maybe I should get him to help me on this one before posting):

* I have an Etsy shop. There are supplies {even if it is just a fraction} I must have on hand for my business.

* I live in a small town. The only crafting supplies I have access to are those sold at Walmart. Limited. Oh, so very limited. When I do make it to the crafting mega stores or order something online, I sometimes over-do it. I {might} need that for a project.

* I have a 5 month old that still nurses {all night}. Well, every 3 hours or so. So thanks to my trusty iPad, I surf crafting blogs and tutorials all night. I get excited about making something...add the supplies to my list of things to get, then daylight appears and I realize I am the mother of 4 children under 5, run an Etsy shop, and therefore, I am limited on time. But I buy supplies anyway hoping for just a few extra minutes of nap-time, or an early bedtime and {stash} those supplies away (good thing I have an extra large closet and very few clothes) for that rainy day.

* You see two sewing machines on my table... uh, well, I do have daughters that will one day need a machine to work on. {Let's not talk about the other serger in the attic}. What if the one I use breaks down. I must have a back-up :)

{Not shown in the picture is my silhouette and my drawer full of vinyl and fabric interfacing.}

Are you convinced that I need such a loaded stash of fabric and crafting supplies???

No?? Me neither. That's why I've signed up for the Stash Bustin' Challenge going on for the next month over at The T-Shirt Diaries.
I am committing to abstaining from any craft supply purchase unless absolutely necessary for a period of 30 days. ***March 22nd through April 22nd to be exact***

I can do this. Coupons be gone! I will not use you. I will have to place a couple orders for fabric if I receive a custom order for a backpack (that's where the absolutely necessary part comes in), BUT I will only buy the fabric needed for the order...nothing else, even if I think I will save money on shipping. :) :) :) We've all been there, am I right???!!

Wish me luck!! Oh please, wish me luck. I can do this. I can do this!! Anyone want to join me???